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VCL Frequently Asked Questions - Table of contents
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The VCL cluster platform
Question 1: What is VCL
Question 2: Why VCL is needed
Question 3: What are the requirements of VCL
Question 4: Is there a limit on the number of OpenCL devices that a program can use
Question 5: Can VCL work with MOSIX
Question 6: How to configure VCL in a cluster.
Question 7: Which devices are allowed
Question 8: Can VCL work along with other OpenCL implementations
Question 9: How to obtain the best speedup from using many OpenCL devices in parallel

Using VCL in SLURM
Question 10: How to use VCL in SLURM
Question 11: How to make sure that my application will not use unsuitable GPUs
Question 12: How to run an MPI job with a fixed number of GPUs per rank